5 most important principles about candle boxes that must be followed

Packaging is one of the most prominent elements in marketing that can make a lot of difference to sales. It will also elevate your brand when the packaging design is liked by your targeted customers. Almost all the products require beautiful packaging for alluring display. However, there are some luxurious products like candles that need a lot more attention. Candles are a part of many celebrations and they are used for aromatherapy too. Brands can choose a candle box that represents the qualities of candles to the buyers. By choosing vibrant color schemes you can give a good impression about your brand. Here are the five most important principles about candle boxes that must be followed:

Keep the product specification in mind

The first and most important step for choosing the best packaging for candles is to keep the specifications in mind. If the candle box is too small it can damage the candles. At the same time if the box is too big it will be costly. It is best to customize the packaging according to the shape and sizes of the candles. The packaging you choose must be according to the requirements of the targeted buyers. When the boxes are dull it will not attract any customer towards the product. The candle boxes should boast of the qualities and benefits that customers can gain from using candles.

It is also a good way to give an alluring display to scented candles. Many people believe that candles are elegant, ambient, and stylish so the packaging should complement them well. If the candles are decent you can get an alluring box manufactured for them. When you get in touch with a packaging company let them know about the dimensions of candles. It will help them manufacture a sturdy box.

Choose the right kind of materials

Candle brands are conscious when they choose candle packaging as it should protect the candles too. Rather than focusing on the style and design of the box, you need to pay attention to the materials. There are a lot of candles that are made with delicate ingredients and keeping them safe is a challenging task. It will be best to choose cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated material for the packaging as it is a durable choice. Brand owners can sell quality candles to their buyers by keeping them safe in sturdy packaging. When you are shipping candles from one place to the other you will remain safe from harsh environmental factors.

The best thing about cardboard and Kraft is that they can hold multiple products easily. Printing is also the backbone of your packaging and it also enhances sales instantly. The coatings and add-ons including gloss and matte will enhance the appeal of these boxes. When you sell quality candles to your customers they will come back for repeat purchases. Customers can have a good unboxing experience that will also enhance sales to the fullest.

Notable illustrations and graphics

If you want to enhance the appeal of your brand getting in touch with prominent packaging companies can help. They offer affordable packaging and design assistance too. The candle packaging wholesale is available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. There is no doubt that perfect packaging is such that can portray the qualities of your product. When you are dealing with a luxurious product like candles illustrations are very important. Printed candle boxes feature graphics and patterns that are alluring for buyers. The good-quality images of candles will tempt buyers into purchasing them.

You can also get descriptive information about candles printed at the top of the box. It will not only demonstrate your candles perfectly but add a lot of value to them. Some brands also choose attractive artwork that will make the candles look sophisticated. You can also use a window box to give a transparent view of candles to buyers. By adding a clear description of candles you can attract a large number of customers.

The finishing process for custom candle boxes

If you are selling luxury candles there are many coatings that you can use for the packaging. It will elevate the display of candles and make them stand out among the crowd. Gloss and matte finishing are two of the best finishes. They will give a sparkling touch to your box that will grab instant attention. The printing process is also an important part of the packaging and you can never compromise on it. Offset, digital and flexography printing are used to add some glamor to the packaging.

There are many other add-ons including foiling, stamping, and spot UV. The best thing is that UV will protect candles from harmful UV rays while the matte finish will keep the moisture away. You can choose the perfect candle packaging that will become your brand’s ambassador. There are different styles of boxes including pillow and gable boxes that are popular among customers. You can also make use of your packaging as a promotional tool. It will be easy to grab a lot of attention from new buyers too.

Packaging that can complement your brand

When choosing a good packaging boxes design make sure that it can complement your brand. It should also establish the image of your brand and attract customers. Every candle brand has its image and they want to present it differently to make a mark. As there are so many brands in the market and they are facing tough competition from each other. The logo you choose will also elevate your brand. You can share your brand’s story innovatively and use easy-to-read fonts. The messages you share with buyers will make your candle brand known among customers.

Die-cut and window boxes will give a professional display to scented candles. You don’t need to go over the top as minimalistic designs are also popular among buyers. It is not difficult to give a creative touch to the boxes and use perfect ways to design them. Candles are a symbol of light as customers like to use them for many occasions too. It is also important to keep the attractiveness intact and keep the theme of your brand in mind. You can enhance sales with some of the best marketing strategies.

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