Best Parking Apps to Install in 2022

What is your road-wish in 2022? We know it’s a unique question but think about it. While driving, hassle-free rides, easy routes, and most importantly penalty-free parking are a few wishes we have. Luckily, in today’s technological era where Google Maps is keeping track of every small alley and lane, it is easy to find directions. However, there are major loopholes when it comes to finding parking spots.

We are grateful to companies who have dedicated their business to help us find safe and secure parking spots no matter where we are around the globe. Many apps assist us to park our vehicles safely. Among them, Airport Parking Reservations is our top pick. The app allows us to reserve a parking spot in their pre-registered parking lanes. Be it Airport Parking Reservations Orlando or Airport Parking Reservations San Diego, as long as you want a parking spot in the United States, the APR will look after all your requirements.

We know how heavily hotels charge for their parking spots. Luckily, we can use the Airport Parking Reservations coupon and get a discount on our booking. Other applications excellently helped us and resolved our parking troubles. You don’t have to search and download each parking app without knowing their offers. We have short-listed the best parking apps for you.

Earlier, if someone told us they can reserve us a parking spot before we reach the destination, we’d have laughed it off. Or considered that the promisor might be holding a sign and waiting for us at the spot. Well, consider ParkWhiz as the wizard who promises and without holding any card, reserves the spots for us. The company is a successful e-booking app that allows users to reserve parking spots before arriving at their location.

It is simple and easy to book through ParkWhiz. Especially, if you are new in any town, make use of their easy process. All you have to do is, search your destination area, and then a list of parking valet spots will appear on your screen. Under each parking place, you can find how far it is from your destination. Once you select your parking area, you can set the hours and other required details from the given options. Did we mention, you get a straight 50% off on your first reservation?

Parkwhiz spots are available in over 150 cities. You can find 4000+ parking spots all across the United States. The best feature ParkWhiz offers is the parking guarantee. We often get into morning parking trouble which makes us late for the office. Luckily, Parkwhiz offers monthly parking reservations. A spot will always be reserved for you and you can claim it legally as well. Another much-needed feature is free of cost cancellation. No amount is charged if we choose to cancel our reservation before the reservation time.

Many apps are providing us with a parking spot. However, we face redundancy and technological errors. For instance, if you reserved a parking spot through an app and another person reserved the same spot. You both may get into a heated argument due to technological incompetency. We have SpotHero which resolve such issues and give us real-time check on spots. SpotHero was founded in 2018, and the e-parking app is working excellently well since then.

The app allows drivers to communicate which reduces the chances of over-booking. SpotHero is among our top choices because of the real-time data it provides its users. For someone who is always in a rush and needs to make a last-minute reservation, SpotHero works as a savior. You can check available spots, fares and communicate with the owner of other parked vehicles regarding parking as well. Luckily, if the space is pre-booked, you can get a complete refund.

SpotHero is considered a parking hero as it provides a comparison between fares. You can compare fares of different parking spots and make a learned decision. You can reserve a spot Hourly/Weekly/Month even annually through SpotHero. Once you have made the booking and proceeded to payment. You will receive a parking confirmation through e-mail which works as proof for our reserved spot. SpotHero is loved by riders for its cheap prices. If you are wondering why are Spot Hero’s prices cheaper than other parking providers. It is because the app is well-connected to garages and owners of empty spaces available for parking.

Airport Parking Reservations
How often have you faced parking issues while traveling to a new city? The common answer is many times. We all can relate to routes and convenient parking hassle in a new city. However, if you want a pre-reserved spot at the hotel you’re staying in as well as places you’re visiting, then Airport Parking Reservations is your best choice. The app has won multiple awards for its efficient offerings.

Their process is as lucid as their name. Especially, for travelers, the app is a must-download. 85+ airports have contracts with Airport Parking Reservations which means their spots are legit and reliable. When you access their home page, you will be asked what parking spot you are looking for. If you want to reserve a spot at the airport parking then the app will direct you to an available spot at your required airport. And if you are looking for a spot, both at the airport as well as the hotel then you will be given excellent value packages.

Airport Parking Reservations Orlando package is among frequently availed. You can check out all other airport parking spaces through your device without giving any additional information. Up until now, over 3 million spots have been booked through Airport Parking Reservations. The app is user-friendly and allows us to make quick reservations. Trust Pilot rated Airport Parking Reservations a 4.8/ 5 which is the best rating any parking app ever got.

The most amazing feature Airport Parking Reservation has is the discounted deals and offers. For instance, you used the app to make a reservation at the hotel. On your check out you will be given a deal for airport parking. As per the Airport Parking Reservation San Diego reviews, the rates are as low as up to 70% off.

We hope this article helps you reserve a parking spot which is as per your requirement.

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