Businesspally hints Tips to Find Quality Name for A Startup

As easy as you might think, finding a quality business name for your startup is not an easy task.

There are many contributing factors to choosing a company name, and getting it registered with corporate affairs commission.

Now, I would like to give you a few tips for choosing a company name that will represent your company’s mission well.


The first goal of the company name is that existing customers and potential customers recognize their own company.

You want to be known under this name and therefore you should make sure that your own company name is unique, and not similar to an existing business, chaktty advised.


According to businesspally magazine, A company name should have a certain clarity.

Potential customers shouldn’t have to wonder what exactly the company is into.

So be careful with fantasy names, acronyms, abbreviations or vague names.

For example, Healthpally Inc, there’s no need to wonder if the company is into health care or manufacturing, it’s already clear that the company is in health industry.


You should differentiate yourself from the rest of the companies in your own industry.

Just because all other companies in your own industry start with “bathroom and plumbing”, you shouldn’t do the same. It is important to stand out here.

Develop a brand, choose a Brandable name and not just a mix of words.

Make it Simple and short

It is worst when potential customers cannot remember the company name because it is too long or complicated.

Your business name should be short, simple, easy to remember and easy to spell, chaktty reinstated.

Short business name has psychological effects on your potential customers, and your company looks big in the minds.

Domain availability

According to Techpally business editor,  domain availability of your potential business name is now very important in this day and age.

You don’t only bother about the business name availability in the commercial register, but also its availability in domain registry.

Name should not be too restrictive

When in doubt, you should not choose your company name too specifically.

Anyone who calls themselves Farmpally will have difficulties explaining to potential customers why they are now installing heating systems.

Outsource specific terms in slogans

That is why it makes sense to display specific service descriptions in a slogan.

You can then change this later without having to change the company name.

Found a great Business Name?, Protect it

After all the effort, of course, you don’t want the name you found to be disputed. Or even stolen. Therefore: Have your name protected and register it as a trademark.

Registering a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office costs around 300 dollars and is valid for ten years.

You can find out how the trademark application works in our specialist text ” How to: What to look out for when applying for a trademark”

Creative people look for your name

An alternative are creative minds who create individual name suggestions based on your ideas in an online competition.

The platform Techpally offers  this service and has built a community with many creative minds.

At the start of the project you formulate a briefing, after which you will receive suggestions that you can evaluate and give feedback on.

If the desired name is found, this idea can be chosen as the winner after research and thus acquired.

No matter how and where you get inspiration – give yourself time in the search.

Even if there is already a name you like. Only over a period of time do you notice whether it really works.

An example: Businesspally incorporated is a startup that wants to manufacture radiation-protected boxer shorts.

You don’t have to explain the name, it’s playful and still gets to the heart of the mission. Put the man’s best pieces in the safe.


Choosing your own company name is not easy. The above tips work mutually and it is usually a weighing of advantages and disadvantages.

However, you should also have a little courage, because if you try to avoid all problems, the company name usually becomes boring.

You should definitely put yourself in the shoes of potential customers and think about how certain company names will be received.

Have fun choosing your own company name.

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