Corporate /Industrial Espionage is a Real Thing: Explore More With Android Tracker

We all may have heard about corporate espionage cases or spying acts but what is this all about. Well technically, any theft of corporate secrets or resources in any form is termed corporate espionage. The competitors can use this method to gain an advantage. Mostly an insider is hired to get the information delivered. So most of the time it is about a loyal but desperate employee or in any other case a planted new intern or employee who in the end is responsible for this act. It is a common phenomenon although many organization tries to bury the news about such attack as it is bad for the reputation of the organization.

Buried or not, the thing is it is real and every organization or business must take precautionary measures to deal with such incidents.

  • 17% of companies reported sensitive data stealing in the years 2015-2017

With employees working from home, the security of confidential data is more vulnerable. Businesses and organizations must prepare themselves in such a way that whether their employees work from offices or homes, either way, they are prepared to keep a check on them. Customer methods like CCTV or monitoring teams methods fail here so the ultimate way out is to use the spy app or android tracker technology as employee monitoring.

One of the apps that offer dozens of trustworthy and efficient features is the OgyMogy.

OgyMogy Employee Monitoring App:

OgyMogy android tracker is simply easy to use spy app that is installed on the target device. The spy app can then report about any major or minor happening related to the target person through the target gadget.OgyMogy spy app also offers another version in the form of Mac and Windows spy apps. Thus you can monitor the laptop, tablets, and desktops of the employees as well. The installation needs physical access, but after that, all the monitoring processes can be handled remotely with OgyMogy. As a cloud-based app, all the recordings are saved on the web portal of the app.

Here is how you can prepare yourself for the better with android tracker app usage for employee monitoring.

Have Ears And Eyes Everywhere:

If you are an entertainer or a professional businessman you might be familiar with the general rule. Trust no one. OgyMoy android tracker offers mic bug and camera bug features to the user. Even if you are not in the room you can watch them and listen to them remotely. The mic bug feature lets the user listen to all the surrounding sounds and chats by bugging the mic of the target employee device. Similarly know about the company and general activities of the employees by using the front and rear camera of the device.

Screen Check:

The screen is involved everywhere. With everything being controlled online it is necessary to keep an eye on the screen of the employees to track any suspicious activity. With the real-time screen, recordings feature you can know about every detail with timestamp information.

Track Any Suspicious Caller ID:

Find out about any suspicious caller id and even listen to their conversation with call log and call recording feature.

No Visit To Restricted Area:

In case you find any employee suspicious, you can mark a restricted zone on google map.OgyMogy android tracker will report you about the whereabouts.

Monitor KeyLogs:

A most important feature to keep a check on any kind of security breach in the organization is the keylogging feature. Use the keylogging feature to know about all the keypad-related activities.

Website Alert:

With easy access to the internet, it has been quite easy to hack into any system with just a few links. Keep an eye on the browsing activities of the employees. Check what kind of websites are usually visited by target employees. If they are work-related then no worries, if not then time to take action.

Certain conditions need to be fulfilled for fair and professional employee monitoring

  1. Employees can only be monitored through the company-owned device.
  2. There is no legal complication attach to employee monitoring in the United States if the state’s laws and regulations are strictly followed and employees are monitored through the company-owned device.

Technically employee monitoring through the software is a common process but still, it is up to you to inform your employees about it or not.

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