How Artificial Intelligence affects modern recruitment process

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In this article, you will find out about the uses of AI in recruitment and how Artificial Intelligence can help recruiters in finding their ideal candidates quicker.

Recruitment is not a simple Job Ad posting anymore. As the technology is reaching new targets day by day on one side, the job of the recruiters is getting tougher on another side. This tedious job of screening through resumes every day and identifying top talented individuals is much more of a very big responsibility than just a job. The recruiters are expected to take multiple interviews to identify some promising candidates as bad hires can prove extremely costly to the organization in terms of low productivity as well bring demotivation to the whole team.

The impact of AI in the recruitment process has for sure taken companies to much more powerful levels in the phases of business as well as low employee turnover. You can visit our website for leading it recruiter dubai.

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for recruiting employees, the process of recruitment has become standardized. In fact, the results are also promising. Moreover, the approach by the recruiters is also changing and advancing.

Since there are a huge number of employees searching for a job, it is very difficult for the recruiters to go through these mundane tasks. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes into play. In this blog, we shall look at its uses, advantages, disadvantages, potential, and future as well

What is Artificial Intelligence?

It is defined as the process of recognizing the correlations of a large amount of data by leveraging ML (Machine Learning) algorithms. Also, anticipating the possible outcome to empower the decision-making process is at the heart of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Did you ever notice the email box cleverly discarding the emails that are spam to the spam folders? You don’t even have to classify these emails as spam each time. It is developed by the experience from the users that the algorithm learns and hence does its job automatically.

In this way, you even say the time to push the useless emails to the trash box. AI is a smart human-designed technique to ease out your tedious as well as crucial tasks. Needless to say, Artificial Intelligence (AI) saves a lot of time as well as energy in the modern recruitment process by finding the right resource for your company.

Use of AL in recruitment

For years, recruiters and agents have been using AI, and its origins were decent and simple. Using an Artificial Intelligence AI-powered Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can scan through hundreds of resumes and also look for keywords or phrases is now common. But, Artificial Intelligence technology presents a great way for recruiters to lessen the work by doing it quickly and efficiently.

The use of AI to quickly scan through resumes often leads to criticism from job seekers though. The technology actually reduces a person’s resume to a simple ‘yes or no’ which is based on a keyword search wherein that decision must be based on the quality of their experience and the personality traits.

The problem, however, is that the alternative for recruiters is to read and evaluate every single resume separately. While the applicants wait to hear back. The recruiters always complain that identifying the perfect candidates from an ocean of candidates is the most challenging part of their job, it seems crystal clear that the experts feel this isn’t a task which can be done with people power alone and needs technology like Artificial Intelligence.

There are a lot of other examples of the use of AI in recruitment. For eg: AI can also help in the sourcing, pre-selection and onboarding parts of the hiring process.

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on the Recruitment Process

  • Time-Saving

The recruiters are actually busy people. The use of Artificial Intelligence can reduce the time required in these mundane tedious tasks. Huge volumes of data can be evaluated easily by Artificial Intelligence-powered software. It can be processed in just a few seconds with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can be further tested and studied by the recruiters. The Artificial Intelligence chatbots can be used to answer frequently asked and simple questions by the candidates. These are the things that are certain to be done but can also be managed by the process of automation using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Helps in making unbiased decisions

Humans’ decisions are somewhere biased and unfair, say it consciously or unconsciously. Al-powered software helps in calculating candidates’ probability to succeed in a specific role by using predictive analytics. Artificial Intelligence allows the hiring managers and recruiters to make decisions based on data-driven hiring rather than making decisions based on gut feelings. It selects those candidates whose skills match with the respective job requirements, thus making a bias-free decision for both the candidates and the recruiters of the organization.

  • Helps in finding candidates

Artificial Intelligence-powered software can help in analyzing people’s online identity such as their social media profiles and public data. It can make predictions based on this data. For eg: how much a candidate is eligible and interested in a job and how likely is their interest towards their respective field. This technology can also help in analyzing the profiles of candidates who are already working or have started to work with the company. In a way, it can search for candidates with similar personalities and skills and directly target related job adverts at them.

  • Helps in improving candidates experience

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots are always active, i.e, they never take a day off. Hence, they are up for solving the candidate’s queries even at midnight or a holiday. Therefore, it can guide the candidates as and when the candidate needs some help to go through the recruitment process easily. This is just an example of how the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can improve the candidate experience.

  • Posting job advertisements

The Artificial Intelligence software is capable of analyzing large amounts of data from the search history of the candidates and posts relevant job advertisements. These advertisements receive a lot of responses from the candidates who are interested and motivated to apply.

What does Artificial Intelligence’s future look like?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proved to be a boost in the changing of the recruitment industry. There is already a whole lot of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and the number is likely to increase in the coming days.

The recruiters in the coming days shall focus more on developing a cordial relationship with the employees as well the job seekers. The company’s headcount turnover will decrease as well as the cost per new hire. The influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven workforce management systems will definitely lead to improved quality along with employee satisfaction.

Doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, the involvement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven software is going to help you in the organization not only by opening up new possibilities for your organization but also by doing a lot of human work such as listening to and answering the doubts of the candidates as and when they need to.

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