How Do You Consume Diamond Extracts?

Similar to their geological counterparts, diamond Extracts or THC diamond are prized for their rarity and potency. These super-pure concentrates are responsible for the most intense flavors and sensations known to cannabis enthusiasts. Since these diamonds are so valuable, it’s essential to understand how to consume them correctly to get the most out of your experience.

In crystalline or diamond form, the concentrate consists of inactive tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA) cannabinoids. To activate these cannabinoids, THCA is decarboxylated into THC, which is the potent psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Any form of heat will convert THCA into THC, so dabbing, smoking, vaping, or cooking are all effective methods of consuming diamond extracts. Here are a few ways to enjoy THC diamond extracts.

Dabbing Diamond Extracts

The most popular way to consume diamond extracts is by dabbing. It’s probably the most potent method to enjoy these super-concentrated cannabinoids because you get a very concentrated dose in a short time.

When dabbing diamond extracts, make sure the nail is hot enough to vaporize the cannabinoids without combusting them. Consider applying a carb cap so you can take larger dabs with ease, then inhale slowly for best results. Enjoy it with terpene sauce for an added dimension of flavor.

Vaping Diamond Extracts

Vaping is another great way to consume diamond extracts, and it’s probably the healthiest option. Most vape pens are compatible with diamond extracts but ensure you have an adequate heating element before vaping diamonds. If you have THC diamond in terpene sauce, make sure your vaporizer is compatible with semi-solid concentrates.

Smoking Diamond Extracts

Like dabbing, smoking diamond extracts is an efficient way to consume these concentrates. You can either use a pipe or a joint, but a bowl is probably the best way to enjoy them.

All you have to do is crush the diamond extracts, mix with ground cannabis flowers, and sprinkle them onto the bowl, then light up. If you have pure diamonds, this grinding part is pretty easy. A small motor and pestle work wonders or any heavy flat object will do the trick. If you have resin, it may take a bit more time and practice. Just try to smash them down as finely as possible. Make sure you don’t use too high heat to avoid over combustion.

To make a joint, roll the crushed diamonds and ground weed with the help of a mesh, then smoke it as you would any other joint.

You can Eat Diamonds

Yes, that’s right, you can just eat diamond extracts. Since diamonds are just pure THCA cannabinoids, they have no psychoactive effects when ingested. Of course, you’ll get all the relaxing benefits similar to CBD consumption, but you won’t feel any high. It’s a great way to get the benefits for those who cannot consume THC.

You can also bake or cook diamond extracts to convert into edibles, but the methods are quite complex and need precautions. Honestly, cooking diamonds is probably not worth the value of the extract.

So, there you have it—a few different ways to consume diamond extracts. Do whatever suits you best and enjoy these super-concentrated cannabinoids.

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