How to Fold Clothes to Save Space in Luggage


If you are traveling for business or pleasure, you may need to pack for a week or more. In this case, it is important that your travel luggage can fit into the overhead compartment on flights. To maximize space in your luggage and keep it from looking like a mess when it arrives at its destination, follow these tips:

Roll up skinny jeans.

To roll up skinny jeans, fold them in half lengthwise and then roll them in the opposite direction from how you would roll a sleeping bag. This will ensure that your jeans aren’t too tight or too loose. Then, fold them in half again and roll them again in the same direction as you would with a sleeping bag.

Stack sweaters.

  • Fold sweaters in half.
  • Stack them on top of each other, with the bottom layer facing out and the top one facing in.
  • Put a sweater on the bottom and another on top, so that it’s easier to grab when you need it to go through security (you’ll want to make sure it’s easy for TSA agents).

Fold pants in half lengthwise.

Fold pants in half lengthwise. This will take up less space than folding them in thirds or quarters, and it’ll be easier to pack them away later when you don’t need them anymore.

Put soft stuff in shoes.

  • Put soft items in shoes.
  • Add a sock or two to the shoes.
  • Add a pillow and towel to your footwear, too. This will help cushion your feet while they’re bouncing around on the plane or train ride that is ahead of you!
  • For anything else that needs to be stored inside of them (jeans, sweatshirts), use those as well—you never know when it might rain or snow while traveling so having an extra layer can be useful!

Place heavier items at the bottom.

The heaviest items should be placed at the bottom of your bag.

  • Put heavier items at the bottom.
  • Use a base for heavier items, such as shoes and slippers, which could be used as a foundation for other clothes or accessories.
  • Put heavy things like shoes towards the bottom of your luggage bag so that everything else stays neat and tidy once you’ve packed it up again!

Put rolled t-shirts about the circumference, then roll them up together.

If you want to save space in your luggage, then it’s important to know how to fold clothes properly. One of the best things about rolling t-shirts up is that it helps them stay neat and tidy until they are ready for use.

T-shirt rolls can be made from any type of fabric, but cotton works best because it doesn’t crease easily when rolled up tightly like other fabrics might do on their own. The first step in making these rolls is wrapping each shirt around itself so that there are no holes or loose threads left behind after being folded neatly into groups of two or three pieces at once (see below). Next, simply roll them up together tightly enough so as not leave any air gaps between layers; if necessary place a piece of tape over one end before proceeding further so as not cause any damage during this process either! Finally make sure everything has been packed properly before placing back into storage box where applicable prior National Geographic Traveler Guidebook 2016/2017 edition published by National Geographic Books LLC which includes useful tips such as how much room does one need per person traveling abroad?

Takeaway:Folding clothes can be a good way to save space in your luggage when you are packing for travel

  • When you pack your clothing for travel, you want to be sure that the space in your luggage is maximized. Folding clothes can help you do this by saving valuable space and making it easier for other items like toiletries or electronics to fit inside of the bag.
  • The best way to fold clothes is by folding them vertically rather than horizontally or diagonally. This makes things easier when packing because they are more compacted together and less likely to get wrinkled while being transported overseas (or back home again). You should also avoid folding any garments with Velcro fasteners; instead try using ties or buttons on their own as closures because these methods tend to hold better than velcro does!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this short article on how to fold your clothes. If you want more tips, check out our blog for more handy hints and tricks.

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