How to make a trippy mushroom drawing

How to make a trippy mushroom drawing Well, that’s what we’re here to show you! Check out this article to learn how to draw a mushroom in just four easy steps, and then use our image as inspiration to create your own trippy drawing. Once you’ve mastered the basics, branch out with your own designs and have fun! ## Steps to Make Your Own Trippy Mushroom Drawing Here are the basic steps you can follow to make your own trippy mushroom drawing – remember, there are no wrong answers!

Step 1 The Stem

Draw a stem that’s about 4–5 dots long. The number of dots will depend on your desired level of trippiness. For example, if you draw 8 or more lines, you will probably feel extremely happy andor euphoric when looking at your completed work. If you draw 6–7 lines, you should notice some effects but they may not be as intense as those drawn with 8+ lines.

Step 2 The Gills

Sketch out a rough shape for your mushroom, either freehand or tracing an image. It doesn’t have to be perfect! For example, here’s my crudely traced photo of Amanita muscaria. The white blob in the center is where you will later add a pupil. Notice how I also added two ghost-like shapes around it That’s because when you look at it from far away—i.e., on your phone screen—the original photo looks like those two shapes and not like a mushroom! The point is that you want people to see your drawing as one thing (this will become clear in step 5). Now start coloring in those lines with a light, watery brush and some black paint—I used Photoshop pencil brush set on 20% opacity but anything similar will do fine.

Step 3 The Cap

Once you’ve spent around two minutes on each of your three keywords, consider reaching a logical conclusion for your post Write one or two sentences in which you describe what has been achieved (the top result). Alternatively, include one or two sentences about what you plan to do next (the next steps). Avoid writing about everything you’re going to write about, though. This is called scope creep and it’s bad.

Step 4 Trippiness and Shading

A lot of people are surprised at how simple it is to create psychedelic images on paper. The secret is that once you have your lines, shading and coloring techniques can be used to give depth and contrast, almost like using 3D software. Trippiness can be achieved by shading lightly or heavily in different areas of an image or from top to bottom. Depending on your mood, you can use bold hues or muted ones; its always good to keep paper handy with lots of different shades available for experimenting.

Stoner trippy mushroom drawing

Making a psychedelic trippy mushroom drawing is easy with these instructions. First, find yourself some psychedelic mushrooms (Shrooms), they can be fresh or dried. Next you’ll need some graph paper and of course sharpies, I would recommend at least 3 different colors. Once you have everything you need it’s time to start! You are going to want your mushroom somewhere in the middle of your piece of paper (preferably facing towards you). Now it’s time for some shading!

Cute mushroom drawing

A trip is an altered state of consciousness that occurs when someone ingests psychedelic drugs such as LSD or psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms). Some studies have shown that hallucinogens like LSD and psilocybin can reset brain activity—meaning you can feel detached from your environment, time, body and even yourself.

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