How to make react and react native easy for fly developers

React Native is a new age web technology which acts as a structure for cross platform mobile applications. It has been the backbone behind widely used and popular apps like Instagram, Facebook.

Since it uses cross platform tech stack, it can be used for creating applications both on android and on iOS platforms. It is written in a myriad of coding languages like Javascript, Java, Objective C.

To get more info about react native development services, keep reading the article. I am sure you will find some tricks that you never noticed before.

1. Logs to be removed

Making a release build can add more stress than ever if you keep using logging libraries. They can create a lag in the entire application, hence its always a great idea to remove the logs either through a script of just manually. So it is ideally asked to remove the logs before deployment. There are set of scripts of codes to enable this function.

2. Differentiation between dumb and smart components

This classification helps better organize the project and that is pivotal in using the component efficiently. The smart components are the ones which explains how things work whereas the dumb components are of the lookout for how they look and are presented. Smart components usually consists of API’s, the information, works totally on logic with no styling required. Dumb components on the other side are very minimal when it comes to logic and high on styling. Their basic functionality is to show up to the user with certain styles added. 

3. Optimization of the images

The resolution of the images, the density that they have all play important roles in the process. It should be very aptly visible both in android and iOS, so hence different image resolution applications can be used optimally. Some pro tips to be kept in mind are to use PNG rather than JPEG format, smaller sized images can be a go to

4. Judicious use of live reloading and hot reloading

These are react native features which when used correctly makes the entire process easier.Live reloading is used to reload your entire application whereas hot reloading is done when only the code that was patched is loaded back up.

5. Use of pressable

Another special feature of the react native, which is very similar to highlight but this one adds on step by step thought in each of the interactions. Very new addition to the 0.63 edition of the react native, pressable is used to detect interactions through touch.

6. Advanced use of React.memo

The traditional use of React.memo is widely used and accepted. But there is an unconventional and not much used or known functionality for this. That is the comparison, which can help in comparing different customers and their behaviors. React memo when used wisely can load user interfaces swiftly.

7. New way of fixing problems

Who can you call up when you face a problem in the arena of developing? The code called React-native Doctor could come to your rescue at moments of trouble. IT is another interesting feature in the react native 0.62 version, which helps in getting off and troubleshooting if and when required.

8.  React Fragments

These are used when you need to consolidate several elements but are not keen on adding an extra node. This is usually used when there are multiple elements under a single parent node. When there are multiple children elements to be rendered under a single parent without overt burden, these react fragments come in handy

9. Log of crash reporting system might help

Its often looked up when you have a crash reporting system attached which keep an account of failures in logs and this can help in rectifying theses mistakes so that a user friendly interface could be curated.

These tips and tricks can make the react and react native easy especially for fly developers. To get more information about the react native development services you need to apply these tricks and keep practicing.

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Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Global Clients. He love to share his thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development and Game Development.

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