Ideas To Boost Virtual Party Engagement

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With everything going digital, even the parties are moving to the virtual world.  In the special occasion, and even if your team is connected only virtually, you can still plan and host a memorable event. All you have to do is make a plan and think of some amazing ideas that will make your party eventful.

The planning stage is very important, and the activities you select for your event will make it exciting or ruin the fun. If you are confused about the ideas, then don’t worry. We have curated a list of the most engaging and easy-to-implement ideas for your virtual party.

Ideas to Engage Attendees in Your Virtual Party

1. Set a Vibe with Unique Theme and Get People to Dress Up

You probably have thought of it already, but the fact is that setting a unique theme can get people in the mood to party and enjoy. Even though it’s a virtual event, ask your guests to dress up well; so they feel the buzz. You can do little things like adding the theme in the design elements of your virtual event banner, creating sweet messages, and emails for your guests.

2. Use a Social Wall and Run Live Contests

You can leverage the social media wall for your virtual event as it’s a platform where most people are active. You can create and add a social wall to your virtual event. Then run exciting contests through social media. It will bring live engagement as the live posts will be visible on your social wall. Add prizes to the contests to encourage more participation.

3. Arrange a Virtual Music Concert

You can add a virtual music concert to your party plan. Invite singers and make them a part of  your virtual event engagement. Mostly, everyone’s always up to vibe on the songs. You can even ask the participants to share their favorite songs and include them in the concert playlist.

4. Virtual Standup Comedy Show

Invite a standup comedian to your virtual Party and leave your audience rolling with laughter. After all, what’s better than starting the party with a smile! If any guests are open to doing standup, invite them for a show. This is one of the best ideas you must do; even if your guests aren’t in the mood to party virtually, they will be thrilled and excited for the standup comedy show.

5. Add Excitement with Live Tarot Readings or Mind Reading

Such things are always exciting for people, even if they don’t truly believe in them. So, invite a tarot card reader or mind reader for your virtual Party. It’s an activity that can be done easily on your virtual event. So it’s an amazing idea to engage your audience without much effort.

6. Virtual Award Ceremony

Organise a virtual award ceremony for your guests and award them virtually. For example, you can make awards for the Best Dressed People at the event, the best participant, etc. Instead of trophies, you can keep innovative design prizes. It will make your virtual party more exciting and fun.

7. Memories Down the Lane

Party is incomplete without recollecting the past year’s memories. Ask all the attendees to share their best and worst memories, their learnings, success, and failures with everyone at the party. This is an activity that you can do virtually without any problem. So you must include it in your plan.

8. Send Gifts and Goodies

Send special and unique gifts to your event attendees and ask them to open their gifts at the party. The excitement to open their gifts will keep them on their toes and interested throughout the event. Keep the gift unwrap ceremony in between or towards the end of the event party to keep the buzz of excitement alive.

9. Lucky Draw

Keep an engaging lucky draw event. For example, you can play housie, then write down the names of all winners on chits, and pick the one for the lucky draw. Or write the complete names of the attendees. Speak out the letters from A to Z and the first one to get his/her name crossed wins the lucky draw.

Final Thoughts

After discussing nine engagement ideas for your virtual Party, we are at the end of this blog. We hope by now you will be able to plan your event well. Virtual parties can go down the drain with no liveliness and engagement if not planned well. Make sure you keep planning your event in a way so that it is engaging for your audience. Select the best ideas depending on your feasibility and how long you want the event to run. Create a plan and make the arrangements. You will be all set for your virtual Party.

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