Island Peak Most famous trekking peak in Nepal

If you want to enjoy a very beautiful trek that is easy compared to others mountaineering adventure, then island peak will be perfect trip. Climbing Island Peak is basic and only lasts single day. If you don’t have climbing skill then there is nothing to worry about,  Summit climb’s skillful Sherpas and guides will teach you and inform you everything you need to know. Not only that if you do not have any climbing equipment then it’s not compulsory to buy it. In Nepal we can get it on rent at very cheap price. Like others mountains adventure specialized equipment is not required to climb Island Peak.  This trip is highly dedicated to beginner climber and even you will have a training session on how to climb Island Peak during rest day in base camp. During every step of climb your guides will help you and train you in base camp.

The good thing about choosing a best mountaineering company is that you don’t need to carry your rucksack. During the trek from Lukla to base camp yaks and porters will carry all. While climbing Island Peak Sherpas will carry your heavy rucksack.

Island Peak also known as Imja Tse is the most famous trekking peak is in 6000 meter which is 19,500 foot range. It is easier, faster, cheaper and lower to climb and can be climbed someone who is just a trekker. You don’t require any experience of climbing other peaks to climb it. It’s even not necessary for pro to use climbing equipment that way trekkers enjoy walking and hiking in Island Peak. The peak is defined as cheaper as “trekking peak permit” cost less with the special rules in Nepal. Similarly, 7000 meter above mountains cost more due to the rule. Also many paper works are required even government liaison is compulsory.  7000 meter peaks and above have more expensive permits but Island Peak doesn’t cross that so it’s cheaper and faster. These factors also make less time and effort to climb Island Peak compared to others. Climbing Island Peak makes you a step closer saying “I want to climb Mount Everest”.

Island Peak is considered as Nepal most famous trekking peak. Do you know the reason?  if you don’t,  I am going to tell you why it is? First reason is that its near the main Everest Base Camp path. Its only few days walk from Namche Bazaar also popularly known for Khumbu Sherpas trading center. Second reason is Island Peak is one of the lowest trekking peak of Nepal only 6189 meter tall. Looking at the stats it’s considered as low elevation and easily accessibility. Third reason is Island Peak is original trekking peak in Nepal as it was first explored by Sherpas and foreigners in 1950s who were just testing Everest oxygen equipments. It was named by them and is not connected to the Nuptse-Lhotse by any ridge. Fourth reason is because of its one day climb that can be easily organized as a short diversion from Everest Base Camp Trek. Now you know the reason why it’s called most famous trekking peak in Nepal.

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