Kinesio tape for upper back pain

Kinesio tape is a type of therapeutic taping that has been used for over 25 years. It was created by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor, and his son Dr. Masao Kase. The tape comes in different widths and can be applied to most parts of the body to help promote healing in your muscles, tendons and nerves that are involved in various movements such as walking or running.

What is Kinesio tape?

Kinesiology tape is a type of medical adhesive tape that is used to relieve pain in muscles and tendons. It is often used by athletes, weightlifters, and other fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their performance. The tape can be applied to the skin on the upper back or upper chest area where it becomes sticky and stays put for up to 24 hours (depending on how much pressure you apply).

Kinesio taping can also help reduce swelling after an injury by preventing blood from pooling in injured areas; this makes it easier for your body’s healing process to take place naturally without having any negative effects on your overall health down the line.

Why use kinesiology tape for upper back pain

Kinesio tape is a type of therapeutic tape that has been used in the treatment of pain and other conditions for more than 20 years. The tape uses principles from kinesiology to treat injuries, but it also works as a preventative measure for people who have chronic upper back pain.

The main feature that makes kinesio tape so effective is its ability to provide support where there isn’t enough, using pressure points on the skin (muscles) rather than directly onto bones or other hard structures. This allows the body’s natural healing process take place without interference from outside forces such as surgery or medication; instead, it allows these things continue working properly while also providing some relief from pain along with improving circulation throughout your body!

Other benefits include:

  • It can be used on many different parts of your body—including shoulders/neck area, wrists/hands/fingers too!

K-Laser Therapy

K-Laser Therapy is a noninvasive, drug-free, non-surgical treatment that uses laser energy to stimulate healing of injured soft tissue. The procedure is performed by an experienced medical professional who will use a small handheld device that emits short pulses of intense light at specific points on your body.

Kinesio Taping has been used for years by athletes and other active individuals who suffer from upper back pain due to overuse or improper posture while performing physical activity. The tape’s elastic nature allows it to stretch when you move so there’s no discomfort after application – just relief!


Kinesio tape has been used for decades to help reduce muscle tightness and stiffness, but it’s only recently that researchers are starting to understand how kinesio tape works.

Studies have shown that kinesio tape can significantly reduce pain in patients with upper back issues like scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) or spondylolysis (a fracture at one end of a vertebra). The reason why this happens is still not fully understood by doctors, but studies show that applying pressure where your muscles attach helps them relax more easily so they don’t pull on themselves as much during movement.

Kinesio taping also has some other benefits: It reduces swelling after injury; increases blood flow through areas where there’s decreased blood flow due to injury; reduces nerve pain caused by overuse injuries such as tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis/heel spurs; improves range-of-motion in athletes who may have suffered joint damage from overuse injuries (like runners); provides relief for people suffering from mechanical neck pain caused by repetitive motions like typing on smartphones all day long!

Kinesio tape can be used for many different issues.

Kinesio tape can be used for many different issues. Kinesio tape is a great way to help with pain, muscle spasms and injuries.

Kinesio tape is a great way to treat your upper back pain. It can help with any issue, but it’s especially good for the chronic pain that can sometimes come along with this condition.

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