Social Media: A Tool For SEO Experts For Keyword Research

Keyword research is unconditionally essential to the success of any website. Keywords are what people utilize to find websites, services, or products offered by a particular company. Even, keywords are what search engines consider to give rankings to a website. Do you know we can use social media to do keyword research? On social media, there is a wealth of data for SEO professionals to get indulged into and get a competitive keyword. Social media is a wonderful tool for high-traffic and long-tail keywords.

The average person invests most of the time on social media platforms. They are gathering info about what we offer, who we are, where we go, and other useful content giving a click to websites. These days, social media platforms make keyword research easier and quicker.

Let’s know how you can take advantage of social media when it comes to keyword research and how to inspire content, focus on PPC ads, or for SEO.

Understand audience behavior using Facebook ads

Facebook is a platform where people used to share their details about their lives, jobs, likings, and disliking related to shows, topics, and products. This social media platform tends to gather this data to target ads. At the same time, it can also be used for keyword research and exploring related topics. With Facebook targeting options, you can come to know about your audience’s:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Languages
  • Relationship status
  • Education level
  • Employment history

Facebook groups are also a popular source for key terms. You can search ‘popular topics’ in industry groups to obtain keyword ideas.

Discover relevant content using Instagram hashtags

Now, Instagram is a parameter of search engine rankings with the use of hashtags. You can use Instagram for searching key terms you are interested in targeting. All you need to do is to look at the hashtags of other users added to posts. Search for topics you want to post using hashtags. And then use long-tail and linked key terms for creating content, targeting SEO, and even paid ads. Once you search each of those hashtags, it will give more keywords. There is an autocomplete feature that can be used for keyword research.

Use search functionality of Twitter

Twitter is loaded with breaking news, conspiracies events, and some weirdness too. The trends on Twitter move in almost real-time, unlike other social media platforms where content may look fresh for some hours or even for days. This is the main reason why Twitter seems to be a Professional Match when it comes to finding timely key terms. On Twitter, go to the ‘explore’ section. You will come across many options. Just emphasize the topics under ‘trending’ and ‘for you.’ these are those topics, which people in your industry and area are talking about. You need to stay active on Twitter if you want to get complete benefits of this strategy, otherwise, it will be of no value. Being an active user, you can get into a treasure mine of topic ideas, as well as long-tail keywords for SEO purposes.

Rely on Autocomplete Search Functionality of YouTube

YouTube is much more than exploring videos on any topic like finding food recipes, etc. It is actually the second most reliable and popular search engine. If you want to discover related key terms, then you just need to type in the main term and see what you will get. Not all terms are helpful, like if you are searching for B2B related keyword. However, YouTube is still a great source to find topic ideas, as well as SEO keywords.

Get involved in search trends on Pinterest

As compared to other social media platforms, Pinterest is also home to travel bucket lists and food recipes for different dishes. In addition, this social media network can also be beneficial in discovering long-tail keywords. It will offer you long-tail keywords you might not have imagined on your own. This network seems out to be a productive search engine. It offers outcomes according to what content it thinks users are most expected to interact with.

When you search on Pinterest, it offers a lot of content about the way you can analyze keywords, utilize free tools, and research explicitly for organic traffic. This platform gives long-tail keywords that anyone can use for content development or Search Engine Optimization. Use Autocomplete feature of this platform, which provides even more ideas by giving suggestions for search additions to a primary keyword.

Trust BuzzSumo

It is also a social media platform, which is designed with the motive to discover the most engaging topics for people. Even, it can be helpful to connect influencers and keep track of popular topics. It gives you the most engaging content across different social media sites. It states that it is listening just about all over the place. Along with it, there are filters on this social media site to help you sort everything by content type, location, word count, and rule reaction. There is also an influencer search tool to give you a chance to search for the topics being talked about by the most influential people.

Listen to influencers on LinkedIn

These days, when it comes to getting a Professional Match for a particular job designation, LinkedIn has proved its ability. It is home to over 722 million users with a record-breaking engagement level. If you belong to sales, marketing, B2B, or target top decision-makers, this professional social media tool can be your new home. One can rely on many ways to use LinkedIn for researching keywords, following the sayings of influencers is one of them. You can search for a keyword, then choose people to discover influencers. You can see their activity by visiting their profiles.

It will help you go through any posts they have shared in the previous 90 days. Make sure to seek content ideas, hashtags, and groups they interact with. There is also an autocomplete feature on LinkedIn to discover related terms.

The power of social media is not limited to making friends, it can be an encouraging tool for SEO professionals as well.


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