Top 5 Platforms to Develop Fantasy Android Apps?

The world of fantasy sports is proliferating at a faster pace – more apps, more interested investors, and more users. This expansion is likely to continue at least that’s what numbers suggest.

The global market size of fantasy sports app was $18,040 million in 2019, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.2% until 2026 taking the figure to a mammoth $43,370 million.

The craze among male participants is obvious but in the recent past, the increase in female participation has also be seen. While the majority percentage participants are male (81%), the virtual female players account for 19%.

With the increasing interest of users, investors have put in millions in this industry in the past couple of years. Every day new entrepreneurs are joining the fantasy sports bandwagon making the space more engaging, intuitive, and fun for the end-users.

This has created a significant demand for fantasy app development companies around the globe, especially those that have hands-on experience in creating fantasy apps and don’t charge a fortune to build one.

The responsibility is on the shoulders of a fantasy sports app development company, developers, and designers who work day-in and day-out to build apps that outshine on the world stage. Apps that not only attract users but are capable to impress investors.

One of the major things, a fantasy app development company looks to focus on is the tech and framework behind the making of a world-recognizable fantasy mobile app. In this article, we’d be addressing the same making you aware of the best platforms to develop fantasy Android apps used by profound developers around the world.

Best Platforms to Develop Fantasy Android Apps

The selection of the right framework can be tedious and since it can impact the result it becomes all the more crucial to take the right steps forward. We have short-listed the renowned and best-known frameworks in the world of Android that can be the right fit for developing fantasy Android apps.

  1. Xamarin

Xamarin is one of the pronounced and most widely used frameworks for building fantasy sports apps. It is a Microsoft product now after the tech giant acquired it in 2016. Originally, the framework came to light ten years ago, in 2011. It is a robust framework that allows developers to use native APIs and Microsoft .NET features to build Android apps. Developers prefer it using due to the following reasons:

  • Apps offer a native-like experience
  • More than 95% of code can be reused
  • App performance is sublime
  • Integration with hardware, wearables, and third-party APIs is seamless
  • It offers a sophisticated development ecosystem

2. Appcelerator Titanium

Released in 2009, it is one of the oldest frameworks fantasy sports app developers rely on to build scalable and stable Andoird apps. It is an open-source, free framework that allows developers to build amazing Android apps written in JavaScript. It runs through Android XDK, which is an additional benefit. Aside from this, the following are the reasons that make developers of a fantasy app development company fall in love with this framework.

  • It is a web-based software development framework
  • Apps built with Appcelerator Titanium are super fast
  • API functions at disposal make it standout
  • A community of more than 900,000 developers is an added advantage

3.  React Native

It is one of the latest app development frameworks that developers like to code in and build futuristic apps. Owned and launched by Facebook as a web development ReactJS platform in 2013, it took shape as the leading Android app development framework from 2019 when its first stable version was released.

  • Apps built with React Native are highly stable and dependable
  • High-performance apps, a much-needed factor for fantasy Android apps
  • Comparatively less expensive than others on this list
  • Integration of third-party plugins is smooth
  • Code reusability adds to its value big time
  • Community of highly supportive developers
  • React Native apps have a pleasing user interface

4.  Flutter

Introduced by the search engine giant, Google, in 2017, Flutter is one of the best platforms to develop Fantasy Android apps. It is extremely powerful and comes with a plethora of features that developers absolutely love. The programming language used in Flutter is called DART, which is said to be a unique combination of Java and Kotlin. Features you’d find in this framework that make it smart and the preferred choice include the hot reload feature, web views like loading spinners, switches, sliders, buttons, and more. More things adding shine to this framework are:

  • Rapid development is possible
  • Reliable apps with extremely high-performance
  • Google authenticity and support in the backend
  • Incredible user-focussed designs
  • Skia, Google’s 2D rendering engine is added benefit

5.  Android Studio

Android Studio, is the primary integrated development environment (IDE) for building native Android apps – an all-time favorite of developers. It was created by Google in 2013 exclusively to build Android apps. Everything a developer needs to build an app is provided within the studio with a simple drag and drop functionality.

  • Supported by Google
  • Community of active Android developers
  • Editing, testing, and debugging everything on-the-go
  • Feature-Rich Emulator
  • Firebase Support & Integrated Cloud
  • Classic analytics are helpful for developers to build flawless apps

Wrapping up

The development frameworks are the most important driving tools to create apps that garner love from the end-users. Remember that project specifics are not constant. So developing an app, even though for the same sector can have individualistic demands. It’s better to consult experts from a premier fantasy sports app development company to satisfy your technical urges and doubts.

The above-mentioned frameworks aren’t the only ones to develop fantasy Android apps, there are others with their pros and cons. As said before, project requirements play a vital role in framework selection. Also, it’s about how comfortable a developer is with a particular framework. So, there is no hard and fast rule to select a particular framework for developing fantasy Android apps.

Join hands with an experienced fantasy sports app development company and your life will be sorted. Bank on its professional and technical competence to build an app that sports fanatics would enjoy using.

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