What is a fajate colombia

Fajate is a traditional clothing worn in Colombia. It consists of a long shirt with wide sleeves and a large collar. The material used is cotton, which makes it light but warm at the same time. People wear this type of clothing during cold weather or when they want to show off their status or wealth.

Fajate is a traditional clothing worn in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Fajates are made with cotton fabric and embroidered with colorful designs. It is traditionally worn by men, but women also wear it as well.

Fajates are made with cotton fabric and embroidered with colorful designs. It is traditionally worn by men, but women also wear it as well. Fajates are a symbol of Colombian culture and identity.

White | Blanco

White is the color of purity and innocence. It is also considered to be a symbol of mourning, peace, serenity and surrender.

White clothes were worn by both men and women during weddings as well as funerals because it represents purity or virginity in many cultures around the world.

Yellow | Amarillo

Yellow is a color of happiness and joy, it represents hope, royalty and sunshine. It’s also known as the color of the sun. Yellow has long been associated with royalty because of its golden glow in nature; this link between yellow and royalty has been passed down through time to today where we still see this association when we look at paintings by artists like Rubens or Monet.

Yellow has many other meanings too: it symbolizes creativity (yellow pencils), intelligence (yellow Pages) and even cowardice (yellow journalism). The word “yellow” comes from an old english word for “yolk” – so if you want your house painted yellow then just ask someone nicely!

Red | Rojo

Red is the color of passion and love. It is also a symbol of strength, courage, and energy. Red represents life itself: blood flowing through our veins to keep us alive.

Red can be used as an accent or background color on clothing because it adds depth to your outfit without being overpowering or too bright. The most common way to wear red is by using it as an accent with other colors like blue or purple (the same goes for any other shade).

Blue | Azul

Blue is the color of the sky, ocean and sea. It can also be used to represent calmness, serenity and peace. Blue is a very popular color for wedding dresses because it symbolizes romance and devotion.

Blue has been considered a lucky color ever since ancient times when it was believed that blue could ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to someone who wore it.

Orange | Naranja

Orange is the color of the sun and fire. It is also the color of autumn leaves, which symbolize renewal in nature. The name comes from a Persian word naranj, meaning “orange tree”.

Orange is a warm color that symbolizes vitality and energy—the very qualities that make Colombia such an exciting place to visit!


The takeaway from this article is that you should try to get in touch with your Colombian roots, because they are really cool. You can wear their clothing, you will look good, and it will make you feel proud of your heritage.
The other thing that I want to point out is that the people who live in Colombia are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met! When I was there last year I felt like it was my home away from home because everyone was so welcoming and friendly toward me.

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